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Regardless of Trial, Only Best Practices Will Transform Education

Texans Deserves Great Schools Comments on Judge Dietz’s Ruling
Media contact: Jennifer Harris, (512) 773-7168
February 04, 2013

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The following statement regarding Judge Dietz’s ruling in the Texas public school finance lawsuit should be attributed Andy Erben, President of the Texas Institute for Education Reform and a member of Texans Deserve Great Schools:

“Today’s ruling from Judge Dietz doesn’t change the fact that Texas schools’ most pressing need is not money. It is the ability to implement proven, best practices to dramatically improve the preparation of our school children for the 21st century economy.  

“Meaningful reform is not primarily about money.  Instead, the only long-term solution to improving education is to implement a comprehensive system of best practices and policies from high-performing schools and school districts from around the country.

“Among these proven best practices are lifting the arbitrary cap on charter public schools; expanding opportunities for online and blended learning in our classrooms; empowering parents; and intervening to repair any failing school quickly.”

Texans Deserve Great Schools’ comprehensive policy recommendations are available online here

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