bold, positive change to our education system.

Our school system needs... be dramatically improved. We have to take bold steps to achieve the kind of meaningful change Texas urgently needs.

Taking the most effective education policies...

...from around the nation is our best opportunity to implement comprehensive education reform in our state.


Innovative Policies

Innovative Policies at Work: A to F Ratings

Why I support A-F campus report cards

Transformational change is possible.

Texans Deserve Great Schools is a collaborative effort among leading foundations, policy experts and civic leaders to raise awareness about the most successful education policies from around the nation that – if implemented together – will vastly improve student achievement in Texas.

No single solution is a cure-all for Texas schools.  We need a combination of policies, rooted in proven best practices, to make a real and lasting impact.  Our approach represents the great leap forward Texas students need and deserve, right now.